Implementation the SMS feature throught LogPoint

  • 23 November 2023
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I’m intressted in implementing the SMS feature through LogPoint. However, to activate this functionality, I need an SMS hosting service. Could you tell me if LogPoint offers an SMS hosting service ? If so, what is the procedure to set up this feature ? If LogPoint doesn’t provide SMS hosting, could you recommend a good SMS hosting service, compatible with LogPoint ? 


Thank you in advance. 


2 replies

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Logpoint doesn’t provide an SMSC server, but integrates with one - it uses the SMPP protocol to speak to an SMSC server. I believe there are lots of different vendors providing SMSC servers on the internet, with a quick Google I found,, there seem to be a few vendors offering their services from the AWS marketplace (such as, and if you want something European OVHcloud seems to offer an SMSC/SMPP service as well.

None of the above are endorsments, but as long as the services offer an SMSC server via SMPP they should work with Logpoint.

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Hi Nils,

Thank you for your reply and all these details.

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