When you comment a members reply there can go weeks before admin let your responce true.

  • 30 March 2024
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Why is your admin’s so slow to approve answers, this is verry bad for people asking about a topic, they lose interest when it seems like no answers or suggestions are given.


I have now several times waited for weeks to see my suggestions get through. This should be instant, or you should remove the approve process !!!


Best regards Kai

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Hi Kai

It is not my experience that answers are kept back.

It is not the admins who have to approve answers in a community  -  They can off cause act as moderators in case of improper language or directly wrong answers.

It is the user who has posted the question who normally marks posts as solved.

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Yes we can agree on all the misbehavior part, but if you as I have poste configurations samples, they get send to admin control for release, and I have still one standing there in one of my answers for the guy there, and that’s not how this should work.


Just my humble opinion, it gets me to think twice if it’s the hassle word to post an reply.

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Do you mean responses here in the logpoint community forum, or responses and categorization of new ideas in the ideas portal?

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Look at this post I put in a soloution, and a configuration file for it.:  Windows Server DNS Query Log | Community (


This never been postet.