how to add remote logpoint through distributed logpoint feature?

  • 15 April 2023
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Hello community,

I am trying to create a connection between two logpoint server. I followed the documentation but I failed to create a connection.


First, I created the open door on the remote logpoint and then tried to create a connection from another logpoint server using distributied logpoint feature after entering ip, password and private ip. I get a notification stating its already exists but I don’t see new connection in a list,to a remote logpoint server under distributed logpoint. 

I further notified IT team to open prot 1194/upd but still no success.

IT team can not see any attempts I have made to connect two logpoint servers on their firewall.


I would appreciate assistance if anyone in the community have tried this or knows how do it. I had a session with LogPoint but resulted in unsuccessful attempts.   


thank you very much.


1 reply

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Hi Ranjan

Have you had a troubleshooting session with networking people?

They should be able to see what happens when traffic traverses firewalls.

On thing to remember, is that some firewall have built-in ALG’s recognizing traffic like OpenVPN and block traffic based on that although UDP/1194 has been permitted.

You also might consider running tcpdump - But I would expect support has tried that.