Excel Exports contain HTML encoding - How to avoid?

  • 28 February 2023
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When exporting to Excel the field ‘msg’ contains the same HTML encoding as the GUI.

This is how some example data are shown in the GUI:


This is how the Excel Speadsheet looks like for the same data:


This is the sourcecode for the tabel in the GUI, which shows that it contain the same html <span> tags:

Is it possible to get the Excel Export without html encoding in the msg field?

Perhaps it could be an option to enable/disable html <tags> in exports in the preferences menu? 


Best answer by Mads Pedersen 2 March 2023, 14:35

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10 replies

Hi @Mads Pedersen, let me open a ticket for you on this :) 

Hi Cintia

Thank you for opening a ticket for me.

I am not able to access the ticket. 

The page you were looking for doesn't exist
You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved

Hi Mads,

That is strange, let me tag you in the ticket once again in Zendesk.

Zendesk or ?

@Mads Pedersen  just sent you an email with the ticket link as well.

Still no luck. I am logged in to the portal

Now it works! Thx

I opened a brand new ticket for you with the same topic, please let me know if it works now. :)

The issue was resolved by doing a CTRL+F5 reload of the Logpoint UI.

I use version 7.1.3 My browser must have used old versions of the adjacent files (.js etc)  

Thank you for sharing, Mads :) !