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  • 30 December 2022
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Hi all,

we started using LogPoint and created repos for every device type. Now that we have 20+ repos i want to optimize this process and group devices by functionality (e.g. email, remote access). So my intention is to create an new repo for every functionality and modify the routing policies. I think this should work but there is a great time span where i have to search in the “new” and the “old” repo because of retention times of 90 or more days.

Is there a smart way to copy the content from one repo to another so that i can get the optimizing done in a short time and this will not take 90+ days?


4 replies

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I’m not entirely sure it’s possible, but it is worth opening a Support ticket and asking - if it is possible, it will have to involve copying files around with root access.

Just an aside, make sure that you don’t end up with too many extra repos while you do the migration, each repo spawns a couple of processes and it’s possible that the system runs out of steam. We usually recommend 8 or so,  plus the three default ones - unless you have a beefy system, which yours might well be.

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@ Edgar: Did you receive a reply yet ? I would be interested to know whether merging repositories is possible (and  how ) ?


@ Nils: Is the number of supported repos limited by the system capabilities, or is there a limit “coded in” ? I am asking because i recently ran into the issue that when i created the 16th repos on an LP installation the last repo didn’t receive any logs. As our VM hosting the LP installation should have enough resources.




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There is no hardcoded limit, but each repo spawns at least two extra processes, so together with everything else you can end up with too many processes for the number of CPU cores/threads available.

I don’t think that would manifest in a particular two not receiving any logs, but rather slow search responses, delayed processing and timeouts overall, i.e. the usual symptoms of resources running out.

Hi Andre,

i got following response from the LP support team:

It is not possible to copy the content from one repository to another without risking data loss or corruption because LogPoint stores data according to the timeslots of the date that the log was generated, and each repository has a separate file to keep track of all the data. Therefore, it is not possible to optimize the process in a short time period as you have hoped.
Your concern for having to select the old and new repo will only be a concern once for the dashboards and alerts. But for manual searches, this can be a hassle.