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  • 13 December 2022
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can anyone point me to terms & conditions describing compliance with GDPR regarding LogPoint support access using Support Connection functionality in LogPoint & Director? Or description what data can be accessible by support?

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Hi Piotr,

Apologies for the waiting time, please see the answer below.

Should you have any more questions, do not hesitate to let us know.

  • Logpoints on-prem products are hosted and operated by the customer.
  • Logpoint as a company is not the data processor in relation to the on-prem products.
  • Under no circumstances will Logpoint require GDPR-related data to support a customer case.
  • Logpoint provides an optional remote support service to paying customers.
  • If the customer wants remote Logpoint-support-staff to assist with a support incident, this is possible via the support connection.
  • The support connection provides support-staff with deep system level access, as is required to assist with support issues relating to operating system, application and configurational issues.
  • The support connection can be discretionarily turned on and off by the customer. 
  • The support connection is turned on by default and requires unrestricted outbound network access on UDP/1194 and networking equipment has to be configured to allow this traffic.
  • If the support connection is established successfully only the following telemetry will be gathered:
    • Support IP
    • Customer name (as stated in license)
    • Hostname
    • Software version installed
    • SW and HW keys (to uniquely identify the system)
    • Available and used storage
  • All actions, including access to data, is logged as part of the regular logging in the system.
  • Access to the system will not happen unless:
    • The network permits the traffic
    • The support connection is turned on
    • The customer requests the support ticket
  • Any diagnostics data used to reproduce issues in a Logpoint-owned lab will only be transferred after agreeing via a support-ticket, with the customer. 
  • It is upon the customer to ensure that any agreement with regards to transferring diagnostics data, will not violate  the customer's GDPR-obligations.