Insidious Nightmares: Automating Employee Onboarding and Off-boarding

  • 12 January 2024
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🔐 Goodbyes can harbor unforeseen risks, especially when departing employees possess crucial access and knowledge. Meet the "Lord Darths" of the corporate world—ex-employees with potent technical admin privileges, driven by motives to harm or exploit. Insider threats are real, and their impact can be substantial.

Consider the alarming history of insider threat cases; these individuals, armed with expertise and access, pose a considerable risk. Managing the employee lifecycle is pivotal and include everything from onboarding, retention, development, recognition, and exit. Our latest blog uncovers the critical stages of onboarding and exit - Check out the blog by Logpoint Security Analyst, Roshan Bhandari, on our website here or read key insights below: 


Insights into Insider Threats

Notable Insider Threat Incidents

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