How to correct blank dashboard widgets?

  • 2 June 2021
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A dashboard can go blank for various reasons,  check the following things to correct the blank dashboard before contacting LogPoint Support.

  1. Hit the query that is being used by the dashboard in the search bar and check if it has any matching logs.
  2. If you do not find any matching logs, then there is a chance that correct normalization packages are not in place for the corresponding normalization policy.
  3. If logs are shown and the dashboard is still blank,  check if the source devices are configured to the correct time zone from the device configuration settings.
  4. If  the widget is still empty even after correcting the timezone of a device,  try to add a “dummy dashboard“ or try to edit that specific dashboard. It will trigger the dashboard engine to regenerate the config and also helps to check if there is a problem with a single dashboard or in dashboards in general.
  5. If  the widget is still blank, create a support ticket with the below information:
    • The query being used in the dashboard.
    • Timerange of the query.
    • Logs inside /opt/immune/var/log/service/premerger/current. If query used is correlation query then also include logs from file /opt/immune/var/log/service/analyzer/current.

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