FortiMail Logs not Correctly Separated into Multiple Lines

  • 20 June 2022
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We recently added a FortiMail appliance as a log source to one of our logpoints and now see an issue during collection and normalization.

It seems that FortiMail is sending the log messages without separating the single messages with a newline or NULL-termination or something else. Thus the syslog_collector is reading from the socket until the maximum buffer length is exceeded.

So we get a maximum length raw log message (10k characters, which then breaks in between a log message), which contains up to 30 or 40 single log messages, which are written one after the other. The normalizer then normalizes only the first message and discards the rest.

Here a shortened example of how this looks like:

550 <6>date=2022-06-20 time=07:24:11.992 device_id=[...]553 <6>date=2022-06-20 time=07:24:11.992 device_id=[...]479 <6>date=2022-06-20 time=07:24:11.992 device_id=[...]324 <6>date=2022-06-20 time=07:24:12.279 device_id=[...]


Is there a way to resolve this issue? 

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