Adding devices to logpoint with CSV

  • 25 September 2021
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I have 70+ devices  to add to logpoint for monitoring.     The version of Logpoint is 6.7.4.

I dont want to key them in with the GUI (takes too long, risks of mistakes).   I have the device details in a spreadsheet - extracting to a csv and loading the csv into logpoint with the UI is the best way.


The device uses a proxy


I have followed the documentation  - but perhaps I’ve misread something.


The CSV line below gives the error “Exception, Nonetype object has no attribute split”


device_name,device_ips,device_groups,log_collection_policies, distributed_collector,confidentiality,integrity,availability,timezone,uses_proxy, proxy_ip, hostname, processpolicy





I can add devices without issue if I remove the last 4 fields from the csv  (i.e. uses_proxy, proxy_ip, hostname, processpolicy),  but i do want to add the syslog collector details.

Does anyone know if the add devices with a csv actually works when you want to also add the syslog collector ?



Patrick Kelly


Note: my question doesnt fit into any of the predefined categories, I have to put it into Operations Monitoring.



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Have you added the device which you want to use as syslog proxy and selected the ‘use as proxy’ for this device ??


Thanks Hans

Yes absolutely  -    the device i want to use as a syslog proxy is indeed set up “use as proxy”


We have no problem setting our devices with the UI.

It’s only when we try to use the CSV that we run into problems.


I think the problem perhaps could be really fundamental, perhaps the header is not quite right or something


device_name,device_ips,device_groups,log_collection_policies, distributed_collector,confidentiality,integrity,availability,timezone,uses_proxy, proxy_ip, hostname, processpolicy

It looks right according to the documentation


Perhaps other customers don’ t use this csv interface   ?  Could it be that it just doesn’t work an nobody cares ?

The interface does work when you remove the last 4 fields,  but I want the last 4 fields !








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Hi Patrick

inspecting the 2 lines:


I could see that there was some inconsistency, as for some fields there were a ‘space’ after the comma, and for others there were not.

Please ensure that there is no space.

another thing unless you use the fields confidentiality, integrity and availability you do not need to have them in the import file


Hans is correct.


The problem was that the logpoint code does not like whitespace in the header line of the csv.

I should have guessed this !

I think if I was programmer I might have the code ignore whitespace in the csv header line,  although if I had time constraints, I might not bother !