Extract of LPA information for customer use

  • 23 September 2021
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When using the LogPoint agent all administration is done in the LPA plugin, which can only be accessed by the LogPoint administrator.

Some customers wants reporting on the operational side of things and part of that is a report displaying:

Device Name ,Template,Source,Encryption,Last Config Update,Status


How can this output be created without supplying the customer with a number of screen shots


Best answer by Nils Krumey 28 September 2021, 13:32

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Hi Hans-Henrik,

Unfortunately, the plugin configuration and template/agent definitions are only held in the configuration database and from what I know about it there is no easy way of reporting on it.

It might be possible for someone with a really good understanding of the internals of the Agent configuration database to extract some data from it, but it will probably need help from Engineering and/or Support - so either a Support ticket and perhaps a feature request are the only suggestions I can come up with.

Kind regards,


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Hi Nils

Kind of confirmed my suspicion.

Will create a support ticket.



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If you have root access to the Logpoint server, or knowledge of the password for the MongoDB it is possible to set up for yourself.

I have created a custom script for some of my servers, where I can run a script from out monitoring software and it will produce a list of devices using LPAgent, internal ID for the device, IP address and last updated time. (this information is fetched from two different collections in Mongo and joined).

One thing to keep in mind: if you have agents using a LogPoint Collector, the MongoDB collection for those devices will not update automaticly and you have to open the LPAgent management in the Web-UI for data to be fetched from the collector and updated in the MongoDB.

Ticket #28663 was registered on 2019-03-28 regarding that issue.