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  • 6 December 2022
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Hi there,

i’m new using Logpoint. So i need some help for a search i would like to do. I would like to add some more information to the search “Top 10 User in Failed Kerberis Authentication” there i would like to add on which workstation the user have tryed to logon.

4 replies

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You can modyfy your search with this query.


norm_id=WinServer label=Kerberos label=Authentication label=Fail -user=*$ user=* | process dns(source_address) as WORKSTATION  | rename description as reason | chart count() by user,WORKSTATION, source_address, pre_authentication_type, reason order by count() desc limit 10 


Regards Kai

Thanks al lot

That was exactly what i was looking for.


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No problem, have fune. :)


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Hello Carsten,

You can also find useful use cases in our “Knowledge base” section: