Delete an entry from Table

  • 8 December 2022
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I have a table that is populated frequently using query scheduled in the report. I am trying to remove an entry from the table.


How can this be achieved.

2 replies

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Hi Srijan,

I’m sorry but it is not possible to remove an entry from the table as of now, after it has already been generated. This is because you can only populate tables using a query in a bulk. Re running the query completely create a new set of values discarding the old values.

What you can do is negate the entry that you don’t want in the query itself that populates the table.


add a -incicator=hash, in the filtering parameter, if you don’t want hash indicators to be populating in the table.

add a -user=henry, in the filtering parameter, if you don’t want data of use henry in the table.


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Hi Rupsan,


Thank you for the update. However, since the data has already populated and the only option we have is to maintain the list of exclusion and using that in the query.


We have noticed that a feature request is already in place for this behaviour. We will be looking out on the feature in future :)