Display List Elements like Tabel?

  • 10 November 2022
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It is possible to use the search query


to list the content of the table “TABLE_NAME”.

But there seems to be no possibility to do the same with a list.

Or did I miss something?

3 replies

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@Prabesh Bhatta  or @Irakli Edjibia , perhaps one of you could help Markus with this? :)

Hello Markus,

For now it is not possible to to view the lists from the search. You can always go to Settings>>Knowledge Base>>Lists and Tables and navigate to list to view the list data. 

Hi Markus,

Unlike Tables, you cannot list the contents of a List. But you can use the list to search for logs associated with the values in it.

For example, if you create a list named ACTIONS_LIST having the values of the field action, you can use the query 

action in ACTIONS_LIST

 in the search bar to view all the logs containing the actions defined in the list.