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  • 27 December 2023
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We want to see a statistic of outgoing mails/which domain sends how many.

Filtering by source user is easy, however what I would need is the domain, not the precise E-Mail address.
Is there a way to filter by only what comes after the @, so I can make a chart with only that information.
Or is there a way to get the more precise Domain.

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There’s different ways of interpreting what you might mean by “filtering on”, but in any case it is probably easiest to use the “norm on” command to create a new field out of your logs’ sender field with just the domain part that you need. You can then do whatever you need to with your new domain field.


sender=* | norm on sender @<email_domain:string>

Having said that, I believe at least the normaliser for the Exchange Message Tracing logs from Microsoft 365 already includes a “Server” field that contains the domain name, so I guess it depends on where your logs containing those email addresses come from whether you need to do this or not.

Thanks for the quick response.
When I now try to do a chart count() by sender I get Null
Which I am sure means I did something wrong.

As for the Microsoft 365 I don’t see a field that would have the Domain of each seperate mail “domain” as multiple ones are running on the same exchange.
With filter I mean that we have currently multiple mail domains e.g, and and I wanna filter/chart count how many mails, are sent by each individual Domain.

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I might have misinterpreted the server field based on our limited demo log data, so ignore that one - but the “norm on” field should work. If you’re getting null on the sender field then there’s definitely something wrong - the “norm on” splits the domain out into a field called “email_domain”, and you should be able to sort by that. It doesn’t even touch the sender field…

I see interesting
I have tried it with this
"outbound_interface" = "OutgoingMail" norm_id=CEF  | norm on sender @<email_domain:string> | chart count() by email_Domain

And this
"outbound_interface" = "OutgoingMail" norm_id=CEF  | norm on sender @<email_domain:string> | chart count() by sender

And both return null.

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Do you have an example of your logs - where do they come from? It sounds a bit like you don’t have a sender field to begin with - what field is the username@domain value held in? The above hinges on you pointing the norm command at the right field…

Aha yes I used the wrong field, the “sender” had to be Source_User, now it is working, Thank you.