Joining more than two streams of data in logpoint query language

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Hi Team, currently, my customer could only join two streams of data at maximum using join queries from pattern-finding expressions. Are there any recommended queries we can use two join more than two streams of data?

I understand that creating tables and using process lookup commands is one way of doing this , but creating multiple tables and populating them one by one and then using it in the query is a hassle I would not want my customer to go through. So is there some native support in the query itself for performing these multiple joins at once?

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I also have the same problem to join 3 or 4 log entries together by querying an ID which is contained in all the entries. 

Is there any solution besides the use of dynamic tables?

Kind regards Uwe

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Hi guys,


see this topic:

It is not possible at the moment. Only with some ugly hacks which won’t fit your requirements.