SOAR VirusTotal API integration

  • 22 June 2022
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Hi, Is anyone using the VirusTotal integration into their SOAR?
I was all for getting it setup until I saw that you cannot use the free Public API in a commercial product.

“The Public API must not be used in commercial products or services.” (


So, is anyone using the Premium API? and is it really $10,000 per year?

Or are you sticking to the public API and hoping to not get blacklisted?


1 reply

Hello James,

It depends how many API requests you are sending by day. If it is just a couple you might stay with the public API, I don’t think you’ll be blacklisted ( even if I don’t recommend this solution for long term )


You have different options (price with no negociation) but, if I understood well, it depends of the size of your organization


For me, it was more or less :

1k API /day: €7,200/year

5k API /day: €18,000/year
10k API /day: 28,800/year

I suggest you to take contact with VT in order to have a price order

Have a good day