Top 5 SOAR use cases

  • 27 July 2022
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Analysts are constantly swamped with alerts, and to deal with this, they have to rely on repetitive manual tasks. This is like putting water on an oil fire, making the situation much worse and more time-consuming.

SOCs need a solution that enables them to manage and prioritize their workflow efficiently by giving them the ability to collect security threat data and alerts from multiple sources. This is where Logpoint steps in.

Previously we identified top use cases for SIEM. This time here are five common SOAR use cases that every organization should implement to reduce alert fatigue, overload and subsequently increase productivity in your SOC team.

01 Automated alert triage and enrichment
02 Endpoint malware mitigation
03 Automated Phishing Investigation and Response
04 Automated Threat Intelligence management
05 Ransomware mitigation

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