We are excited to announce our newest global service: Playbook Design Service.

  • 24 February 2022
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Our converged SIEM+SOAR performs automated investigation and response to cybersecurity incidents using playbooks. Playbook Design Service is an additional service assisting organizations with refining and optimizing your manual incident response processes into documented workflows and automated playbooks tailored for your organization. Our service encompasses a complete playbook lifecycle, from understanding your specific needs to the creation, development, and testing of the playbook. Having our Global Services experts by your side enables utilizing your SIEM to its fullest extent, reducing your workload, and increasing your ROI on security controls.


For more information, download our Playbook Design Service brochure: https://go.logpoint.com/playbook-design-service?_ga=2.39629923.1196326192.1645625385-1446914226.1645171249&_gac=1.261194623.1642752963.CjwKCAiA0KmPBhBqEiwAJqKK412rigizVIxknwM7T0qJ3YeUrzEpvCi5Q4a5OEID4NJS455Nz2QDixoCaZUQAvD_BwE


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