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  • 29 September 2023
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Hi, how can I paste a list of subnets to a static list?

I'm trying to add a list of subnets to a static list in Logpoint (7.3.2). e.g.:
I cannot just copy/paste the list as it is pasted as one entry.



Best answer by Prajwal Basnet 4 October 2023, 06:27

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3 replies

Hi Putten,

To create the static list and append the required subnets, you can Go to Settings >> Knowledge Base from the navigation bar and click Lists and Tables. To populate this list with the required subnets, insert each subnet individually. For instance, if you have the subnet "," copy this value and paste it into the designated list. To confirm each entry, click on the user interface (UI) section of the list, which will highlight the value in the box. You can repeat this procedure for any additional subnets you need to include in your static list. Finally, make sure to save the static list after you've added all the desired subnets.

Here is the screenshot of the list of subnets for your reference.


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Hi Prajwal,

Thank you for your extensive explanation but I was looking for a way to paste or import a list of 100+ subnets without having to paste them manually one-by-one.

Is there a way to do this? For example by importing a CSV.


Hi Putten,

Yes, the upgraded version of Logpoint, which is v7.3.0, supports the feature of importing multiple list values at once through CSV or TXT files. Currently, this version v7.3.0 is released internally and will be released to the public soon. Once it's publicly released, you can update your system to v7.3.0 and utilize the CSV import feature for lists.

For more detailed information, please refer to this link:


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